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K-12 and College Students' Curriculum

We believe that education from an early age about building and identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships can help students sustain safer and more empowered lives. Bullying, harassment, and violence are common in K-12 schools. Intentionally addressing these topics while providing opportunities for students to practice healthy attitudes and behaviors helps create safer and healthier environments in our local schools and communities throughout the students’ whole lives. 

The Empowerment Project’s in-house curriculum, The Relationship Toolkit, is an evidence-based prevention curriculum designed to help students gain critical knowledge, skills, and tools that equip them to prevent violence in their communities by promoting healthy relationships. Our programming provides schools with a free opportunity to satisfy Oregon’s mandated requirements for healthy relationships education. Each lesson can be tailored to discuss family relationships, friendships or romantic relationships and any part of the curriculum can be taught alongside several other lessons-- so educators can take their pick! 

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Training For School Staff

The Empowerment Project provides ongoing support to K-12 and Community College staff through trainings and skills-building opportunities related the trauma-informed implementation of Title IX, the Healthy Teen Relationship Act, and Erin’s Law. We work to foster school cultures that promote healthy relationships. Training topics which can include:

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • Integrating Healthy Relationships Education in Any Curriculum

  • Supporting Transgender Students

  • Identifying Healthy, Unhealthy and Abusive Relationships

Please contact Cassie Chenoweth at to learn more about training opportunities.

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